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Friday, March 16, 2012

The planets in detail

Assalam oalaikum,
The magnitude or expanse of the universe is beyond our imagination for sure. Here I am going to discuss only those planets of our solar system that affect our lives, namely, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
According to their basic characteristics the planets are divided into two broad categories, namely: natural malefic (i.e. those planets which have harmful or evil effects or influences on us) and natural benefic (i.e. those planets that have beneficial and positive effects or influences).
The Natural Benefics include the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury whereas the Natural Malefics include the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.
However, this is quite a broad and general division and gets vastly modified on the basis of the planet’s house ownership, placement etc.
The planets have “aspects” or nazar i.e. they “look” at the other planets and signs. All planets look at the planet or sign that is placed diametrically opposite to them, i.e., in the 7th house from them.

Moon: Moon represents our inner world of intuitions, feelings and
emotions. The Moon indicates how we shall spontaneously react at a most instinctive level. The Moon is in a new constellation after every two days. It is the ruling planet of the 4rth zodiac sign, i.e. Cancer. The Moon governs Monday.
Mercury: It remains in a constellation till 15 days and its synodic cycle lasts up to 128 days. A synodic cycle is the time required for a celestial body within the solar system, such as a planet or the Moon to return to the same or more or less the same position relative to the Sun as observed by a viewer on the Earth. Mercury is unable to do anything by itself. It is ineffective and weak when seated alone. It reinforces the planet with which it is seated. If a planet is not placed favorably then its evil effects will be enhanced. If there is a favorable planet then its effects shall get a boost. If there is no other enemy planet seated along with Mercury then it becomes very positive and constructive, if placed with the Sun. If some enemy planet is present too, then Mercury’s effect shall become unfavorable. Mercury symbolizes our thinking process. Mercury governs Wednesday and is the ruling planet for Gemini.
Venus: This planet stays in a constellation till 25 days and its synodic cycle lasts up to 225days and two hours. Venus governs Friday and is the ruling planet of Libra. It symbolizes love, harmony, artistic abilities and refinement.
Sun: This is the governing star of the zodiac sign, Leo and the gemstone, Peridot. It stays in a constellation till 30 days. The sun governs Sundays and it represents our ego and individuality.
Mars: The usual stay of Mars
in a sign or around 40 days. This is the governing star of the zodiac sign, Leo and it symbolizes energy and courage. It stays in a constellation till 30 days. Mars governs Tuesdays.
Jupiter: This planet represents expansiveness and it has a synodic period of 399 days and a revolution period of 11.86 years. It governs Thursdays and rules over Sagittarius.
Saturn has a revolution period of 29.5 years approximately and it stays in one zodiac sign till around 30 days. It represents knowledge therefore under its influence people gain knowledge, though not easily. It governs Saturdays and is the governing planet for Capricorn.

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