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Friday, March 16, 2012

How to create the chart of Saat

Assalam oalaikum,
As we know that Allah (swt) has created the entire universe, which is a well-integrated one. Allah (swt) has granted different types of energies to the planets of our solar system and the plantes affect human life in different ways. Experts from the field of astrology have determined the Saat of each planet and also their good or bad effects on human life. So, all important decisions should be taken after considering the right Saat.
The method of determining the right Saat before doing anything important such as fixing the date of marriage, investing money etc is as follows:
First of all, the length of the day and night are calculated. This can be done by finding the time of sunrise and sunset For example, if the time of sunrise is and the time of sunset is then the length of the day will be of 13 hours and night will be 11 hours long. Now divide the day length, i.e. 13x 60 minutes=780. Then divide this number again by 12, which will give us a sum of 65. Hence, the Saat is of 65 minutes, in this case.
Now we have to determine that which planet is governing a particular day. The seven planets govern the seven days of a week. For example:
Saturn governs Saturdays,
Jupiter governs Thursdays,
Mars governs Tuesdays;
Sun governs Sundays
Venus governs Fridays;
Mercury governs Wednesdays
Moon governs Mondays.
The first Saat will start from the time of sunrise. This Saat will be of the planet that governs that particular day. For example, if the day is a Sunday then as mentioned abov,e the Saat will be of Sun.
On a Sunday the first Saat will be of Sun and the remaining 6 Saats will follow the fixed pattern as mentioned in point#3. For example, the remaining Saats will be of Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and then again Sun, Venus…repeated in the same pattern.

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